A Circular Walk

This morning dawned clear and cool. Here in Las Vegas. This a gift to be cherished and embraced. So I went to Sunset Park to walk. The county has been creating a desert park there the past few years and it is more beautiful every time I go. There are three circular trails that connect for walking, running, biking; leashed dogs are allowed. The thing I like best is that it is a very short drive from my home and it is like entering a different world.

It is a world of jack rabbits, cottontails, road runners, lizards, and a wide variety of birds. A friend of mine walked on an unpaved trail once and spotted a coyote. The sounds of traffic recede as I pick which loop to walk. There are times that it is so quiet I forget the city completely. People wave and say hi to me. Some let me love on their dogs for a moment, which is helping to soothe my heart over the recent passing of my own sweet Bella. The sky this morning was like a painting displayed by the Creator just for me! The clouds were bright white against the blue sky and had that look of having been feathered by the Artist’s brush.

As I walked, my rib cage opened wide to my breath and I felt the freedom to open my mind and heart. There has been tightness in my body (not unusual in grief) and it is gone today. An hour passed. The only reason I noticed was that my legs began to feel tired. What a joy walking in circles can be! It is the joy of walking meditation and the peace that unfolds naturally from within. This reminds me that living in the Oneness that I Am is my natural state. Meditation need not be a mystery nor a struggle. Meditation is being so fully present in the moment – in what I saw, smelled, heard and felt as I walked – that there is no time. There is only right now and all that it contains and it is completely enough.

It is enough.


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