Perfection – Good Luck With That!

A book could be written about where this idea of being perfect originates but let’s just deal with what is in this moment. I have been involved in countless conversations over the past forty years about how to be a better person, how to meet some standard that has been set, how to please God, gain God’s favor, etc. I began looking into myself at a relatively young age. The Judeo-Christian standard set for me left me sad, frustrated and extremely good at judging myself. All of this self-flagellation brought little lasting change and an ongoing battle with low level depression. Ultimately, I became a bible teacher and was fortunate to receive solid training in how to study and interpret the bible. Seeing the importance of things like historical context and word studies began to set me free.

For example, an Old Testament verse commands that a man must not wear women’s clothing. When that was spoken and recorded, everyone wore the equivalent of a dress! This historical data makes it necessary to look further and interpret context as well as multiple references. There are no other such admonitions, by the way, so the verse is best considered metaphorically.

Word study absolutely began to set me free from this idea of perfection. The meaning of the word “perfection” as used in the New Testament of the Christian bible is quite far from what we mean by perfection today. Jesus said we were to be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect. OK, I’m done then because that will never happen if I am to meet today’s standard of perfection. When properly translated and understood, the biblical use of this word means to fulfill our purpose, to mature into the fullness of our true nature. For example, an apple tree produces fruit once it has matured. When it produces fruit, it is fulfilling its nature – which is to produce apples – and that is perfect. A healthy tree produces healthy fruit. An unhealthy tree produces unhealthy fruit or none at all.

Now hope arises in me! Being perfect as a human being means to mature, to grow up and live a healthy life! It means to find out who I am, to recognize my True Self and live from my true nature! The Dalai Lama says we are created for happiness so, as I mature, I learn what makes me happy or what brings inner contentment and joy and I do that all the time! This is beginning to sound like fun.

God is Love. God loves me. Divine Love brings me into being. I am Love manifested in human form. Perfection or maturity is recognizing and believing that. Relax, Catherine Ann, be what you are. There is nothing more perfect that that! Everything exists in the wholeness and oneness of the Divine.

In the Oneness of All That Is, I am Whole.

In the Wholeness of All That Is, I am One.             


2 thoughts on “Perfection – Good Luck With That!

  1. As a child I never felt the “need” to perform for God. I knew He was in heaven, had done remarkable things, and was there as a Father watching over me. Even in the Catholic high school I attended, I never took the “Sisters” seriously when they issued their edicts for behaviour. I thought they were quite removed from reality. Ah, sounds like fertile ground for raising a well-adjusted human being…………….not. I don’t know how it began, but I remember it well, and it started very early in my life. Demands for perfection did not come from God, they came from parental expectations. (Also in elementary school perfection was expected in school matters, but the requirements were explained by teachers; nothing to do with what God wanted.) From a very young age, I was devastated when my words or actions resulted in “disappointment” expressed by parents,, teachers, and eventually all adults.
    I felt inferior and defective and unloved. I was always very nervous. This situation led to my working hard to manipulate circumstances so things I said or did, did not seem so bad. Needless to say, this practice became exhausting. Then it all led to circular thinking trying to determine if I could have done or said something else which would have worked out better. Today, I concentrate on God’s Love which infuses my soul and directs my life. I know I have all the strength I need to work through every situation which may arise. I am an expression of God’s Love, and how much more “perfect” can one be?


  2. How wonderful that you now see you were right as a child! God’s love is your soul and you are that love manifesting in the world. I know your heart, Lee, and it is a beautiful expression of God’s tenderness and compassion.


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