Divinely Human

The Inner Stillness that I Am dwells in the very depths of my being. It is that sweet place that remains peaceful even when my mind, emotions, body – or perhaps all three – are in chaos.

During a particularly challenging time in my life, I let myself collapse in primal tears in the middle of my dining room. My mind and emotions were filled with fear, frustration, anger and disappointment. My body shook with the intensity of it all and my tears erupted into screams. In the midst of this I became aware of this oasis of peace in the core of my body, behind my naval. It felt so weird to be in both experiences at once but it told me that I was okay; I wasn’t losing my sanity. Chaos was clearly under-girded by deep abiding peace.

I now understand that the Inner Stillness is the essence of my being; it is True Self. My practice now is establishing me in this Inner Stillness so that I may live from this place: consciously, peacefully, powerfully live from the Essence of my Being, from the Stillness that I Am.

Practicing is the process of doing something over and over again until it becomes a part of you. In the beginning we gather information through teachers, books, family, friends, etc. We begin to embrace belief systems or programs that enhance the quality of our life. As we mature, we continue to learn about ourselves and life; we evaluate what we believe so that we can evolve and grow into our truth. Each of us must find our way, our truth, our True Self. Then we begin to live from that True Self, the Inner Wisdom, the Still Quiet Voice that comes from within. Whatever it is named or called, it is the Divine Presence within. It is Divine Love manifesting in and through me, the Source of my existence.

Life is the spiritual practice of becoming a divine human being, i.e. a human being that shines with the love, compassion and presence of the Divine.

I am eternally, unconditionally and Divinely loved. I Am Love in form. I Am Love manifested. It is my nature to abide in the Inner Stillness that I Am. The more often I go there, the more truly it will be my home.


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