I Am Not My Story

At the dawning of the internet, I received an email that brought a delightful teacher and friend into my life. His work then shifted my awareness and my journey to mySelf took a huge leap.

Jim Dreaver sent that email to yoga teachers to introduce his book The Way of Harmony. In the introduction, Jim presents the core insight that set me free to see the reality of me. On page 4 and 5 he writes:

The core insight involves a subtle shift in the way you see yourself and your life. It is a stepping back, so to speak, and beginning to see that you are not the person you thought you were.

Specifically, you are not your “story.” The reality you’ve created inside your head about who you are – your beliefs, personal history, attitudes, identity, and self-image – is not who you are.

For many of you, this is not new information. For many of you, this is mind-blowing. I desperately needed to set myself free from all of the stories in my head. They trapped me in self-doubt and judgement. They held me back from being the manifestation of love and compassion that is my true nature. Did I make the stories up? No. They were based on human experiences from my physical life. What I did not understand was that those experiences do not define my True Self. Jim’s book was the missing piece of information I was looking for and I am forever grateful.

So who am I then? To make it very simple, I am a spiritual being learning how to be human.

So what is the problem? For me, the problem was that I believed I was a human being trying to learn how to be spiritual. I was in my body backwards for 50 years!  Actually, it may not have been a full fifty years. I have memories from young childhood of a deep connectedness with that which I could not see or articulate. When I began to turn back into mySelf later in life, I remembered.

All of my life experiences have helped me learn and grow into my own humanity. Christ was a living example of the manifestation of God, Divine Love, in human form. Christian tradition teaches that we are created in the image of God and that the world will recognize God’s children by their love. Kwan Yin is know as the Divine Giver of Compassion. She is also an example of the Divine in human form. Once I step back and see that I am God’s Love and Compassion in a physical body, I begin to relax and let go of all those stories of working to do it right, to please God, to be perfect. I can sit down into the love and peace of my Soul (True Self) and let that ooze out my pores. There is no need to create what already exists. Embrace it and let it ooze!

I live so much more peacefully now. As I walk my face smiles just because I am. It is a sweet place to be. Want to come along?


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