A Face That Smiles

I have been practicing yoga for 26 years. My first experience as a student was during a most challenging and sad time in my life. Staying with my class in spite of intense emotions and exhaustion allowed me to go through that time without becoming ill.

One day, while cleaning house, I caught my reflection in a mirror and was shocked to see the look on my face. When had I lost my smile? Did I ever have a face that smiled naturally? I could not remember in that moment. I sat down and wept. My heart opened to a new, healing desire and a new mantra was born: May I have a face that smiles.

Here I am all these years later finding myself smiling as I walk, cook, watch television, read, put out the trash. The smile is natural, needing no stimulant. I wonder at times if I look a little goofy smiling for no reason at all. I have heard people comment that they never trust anyone who smiles all the time. Now, that’s goofy!

Oh, there are times when the soul smile fades a bit. Just before I started this entry I was looking for an item to purchase online. My head began to feel heavy and my face lost its smile. I was getting tired and disappointed. Then I finally found a web site that carried what I want! I found the item and it is the only one on that page that is sold out! Then I just laughed out loud at how silly it was to lose my smile over an inanimate object.

Even when grieving, I feel in True Self a sweet, compassionate smile. My soul is patiently waiting for me to open to the comfort that is mine. When I relax into mySelf, I am flooded with warmth and peace. I rest in the arms of Love and slowly my face begins to smile.


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