A Normal Life

Do you ever wish you could just have a normal life? Have you ever asked yourself what you mean by that or what “normal” is in our society? Let’s do that now.

The word “normal” is a statistical term meaning an average, standard, model or pattern. For example, if there are ten homes on the block and seven of those homes have garages, then 70% of the homes have garages. It could then be said that an average home on that block has a garage.

As I listened to a recorded speech given at a national Alcoholics Anonymous gathering, my mouth dropped open when the speaker reported a statistic that claimed 70% of motorists on the roads at any given time in this country are chemically impaired. That number includes alcohol, illegal substances, prescription medications, and over-the-counter medications.

I burst out laughing as I realized there was no way I wanted to be “normal!” That statistic did not deal with the resulting dysfunction in friends and families of the impaired drivers. Normal in my society is rampantly dysfunctional, even if you drop the percentage to 50%.

I fall into the friends and family group so am aware of the dysfunctional behavior I am capable of exhibiting. With gratitude for my teachers and mentors, my life is very different today. What I now seek is a healthy, balanced life. When I am healthy and balanced in body, mind, and emotions, I am having fun every day! That’s where I want to live.


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