A Weekend Retreat

It is mid-October, 2010, Mt. Charleston, Nevada. I treat myself to a weekend retreat from so many people, business, the heat. Bella, my little furry friend, and I snuggle in the chilly mountain air, fireplace lit, and music playing. We walk, rest, read, doze. She is a sweet companion. So lovely to have a dog to bring with me. She came to me through the cocker rescue group, a foundling abandoned to the desert wind, without a history. Her story unknown makes no difference for we are not our stories. She is love wrapped in a small package and her life warms mine.

As I gain clarity regarding issues at work, people stuff, I realize this:

I live life large – large of heart and mind. To focus on the behavior of another makes my life small…and I live life large.

Again life reminds me that you cannot make a person see what they cannot see. Each of us can only live from the level of awareness we currently experience. In awareness, I focus on those with whom I share and experience affinity and harmony. Others remain on the periphery of my life, still honored and loved. Detached awareness Deepak Chopra calls it – detached involvement.

Rain falls lightly on the metal roofs of these log cabins, sounding like a miniature xylophone and creating a quiet symphony in the darkness. Two desert kit foxes call right outside my window at 3:30 a.m. Sleep is disrupted so I peek through the curtain. I am awed as they are about five feet from me (I later learn it is rare to see them at all) and I watch for ten minutes or so.  Their vocalizations are other-worldly, something I have never heard before. These moments are a gift from Creator.

The restaurant has a “Pooch Porch.” We eat lunch there and are very happy about it all. It is a time of mindful presence for me, soothing my soul. I smell the air, feel its chill, listen to the rain and to my own heart. I remember the stillness within me more deeply, grateful to have given myself this time.

I live life large – large of heart and mind. To focus on the behavior of another makes my life small…and I live life large.


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