This Moment Gives Birth to the Next

This moment gives birth to the next.

I often make this statement to my yoga students as an invitation to mindfulness, being present in the moment. I love when one of them asks me what I mean by that because it is an invitation for me to take them deeper.

If I am in a truly unhappy, difficult experience and I am advised to count my blessings I will feel a small smile forming on my face as I quietly nod my head. Years ago, a woman older and wiser than myself told me that gratitude opens the heart for further blessings. In order for my heart to open and receive what I need right now, I must be mindful of current blessings. The Circle of Life is evident here. If I desire blessings, I must see blessings right now in this moment. The gratitude I feel in this moment gives birth to the blessings and gratitude I will feel in the next moment. It is a circle within the Circle of Life.

How? Good question. Nature has always brought me deep peace and sincere gratitude for this world, this planet. I remember being so deeply sorrowful that letting myself see the beauty around me was actually painful; it seemed to hurt my eyes and my broken heart was frightened of taking it in. If I let it in, I might feel grateful and start to live again and then be hurt again. When I read that this morning, it doesn’t make sense to me but that was the level of my awareness at the time. Fortunately, life and love won out. The beauty around me that day assaulted me time and time again until I relented and let it in. Then I wept and wept, releasing the sorrow and pain that had consumed me for a time, being grateful for the beauty and love surrounding and filling me.

Life can be overwhelming. Staying centered in True Self through practices like yoga and meditation keeps me in the moment, present with the truth of who I Am. I Am a spiritual being currently having a human experience. If I Am present and mindful in this moment, I can be grateful for what it contains while knowing it will give birth to further experience – which will be determined by my level of awareness of Self and Source and by my desire/intention to be divinely human.

Laughter begets laughter. Standing in the parking lot after a yoga class with students and laughing reminds me of what is real and important. As I drive away, I laugh instead of cursing when another driver cuts me off or sits talking on the phone while the light turns green. We humans are a goofy bunch. Why not accept that and have a good laugh?!

This moment gives birth to the next. I live alone and must remind myself of the importance of human touch and affection. When I feel that need, I enter my yoga classes hugging students and receiving their hugs in return. I touch an arm while listening and often find myself holding hands with the person. Love and affection flow through the room.

Receiving the blessings of gratitude begets more blessings of gratitude. Yes, life may bring sorrow but I now know that within that sorrow there are moments of deep love and understanding, the growth of compassion. Blessings that elicit gratitude as deep as the sorrow.

This moment gives birth to the next. The Circle of Life is a moment-by-moment journey, an experience in being human and letting the Divine shine through. Light shines through a pinhole and expands as it moves beyond that tiny opening. Love demands expression and only needs the smallest opening to shine its light into my heart, my mind, my life. When it moves beyond any opening I give it, Love expands exponentially in every direction bathing my world in its Light.


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