We Speak of Harmony

Dear One,

We speak to you of harmony and ask that you simplify your understanding of this thing.

In music, harmony is achieved by the careful balancing of different sounds…the more parts, the more complex (and the more beautiful) the harmony.

Harmony in art is the combination of colors, textures, and mediums. What appears chaotic on the palette becomes a visual symphony on canvas.

In literature, words that have little meaning when left to stand alone can, when brought together, lift the heart and mind to realms of ecstasy and truth.

Harmony is what the soul seeks. Drawn by the memory of its former state, it longs to return. This longing leads both heart and mind on a quest for personal Truth, Inner Knowing. It finds no rest apart from oneness with All-that-Is.


meditate here

dwell here

you are one.

As are we, We are Love.


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