The following series of entries come from a work I titled “From Venus With LOVE.” The messages or thoughts came to me during times of meditation over twenty years ago, during the early years of my awakening.

Dear One,

Have you forgotten who you are? Has the journey been so long and so far that you have lost touch with your true self?

It is time, then, for letters from “home” – time for the Ones who know you best to remind you of your True Essence, Your Source.

This won’t necessarily change your circumstances but it should enable you to navigate the course with more confidence and a clearer perspective.

What matters in reading these letters is not who wrote them, but the Love they contain. The words may not always be accurate but they come from the very heart of the Universe, All-That-Is.

As you read, dear One, listen with your heart. Hear not with the mind, but with the soul and spirit. Grasp those things which spark the Life within you.

Be willing to believe in the reality of your True Essence, your connection with Love and Life.

It is with Love that we reach out to you.

It is in Love that we speak.

It is for Love that we seek to awaken each of you to the purpose of your being.

Who are we? We are Love.


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