Throughout Your History

Dear One,

Throughout the history of your world, there have been those who became aware of their true identities. Ones who walked in Light and Love though they lived in worlds filled with darkness.

Each generation has produced its own philosophers and saints, artists and poets, even warriors and kings who knew their connection to the Universe. These beings succeeded, each in his or her own way, to raise the awareness of those around them. The result was always an increase of the desire to fully experience true oneness with Source and with one another.

This generation exists in the midst of a rapidly increasing level of awareness. Many are actively and openly seeking Light. You are on of the Light-seekers…it is why you were drawn to this book. It is why you experience a longing you cannot fully explain.

What you long for is an existence that acknowledges the inherent worth of each life force and form. Something within you knows it is possible. You see the inequities of this world and think to yourself “It isn’t supposed to be like this.” You know this is true but there seems to be no means of change, no power great enough to dispel the darkness.

We are writing to tell you that you are right. It is not supposed to be this way. The motivating force of the Universe is Love. The manifestation of Love is Light. The darkness around you is a result of ignorance and gross spiritual immaturity. As futile as it seems, there is no reason to fear. There is a power great enough to dispel the darkness.

You carry it within you – each of you who has experienced spiritual awakening. However you choose to define the awakening, the result is the same. Love and Light fill your being with the knowledge of God, Source, Oneness, Love. As the Love floods your being, you are changed, revived, renewed.

Look within yourself, dear One, and recognize the Light. Worry less about defining and labeling. Experience the Light and Love that is YOU.

Ever Present, We are Love.


4 thoughts on “Throughout Your History

  1. These words are wonderful and oh, so comforting! For so long I felt fearful and hopeless, thinking my life was worthless in this up-side down world. Now, I know What I am. There is no reason to be afraid or hopeless or useless. My prayer is that every life form with which I interact, will grow in awareness of its Oneness with all Creation, the Essence of which is the Spirit, Love, of God.


  2. Catherine, This has been my favorite posting so far. It really mirrored my thoughts and feelings lately. Thank you for the gift of this blog.


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