Why Do You Struggle So?

Dear One,

You struggle so to be something!! the atmosphere around you is charged with the fear of failure and the need to be the best.

Stop for a moment.

Think. Feel.

Why do you struggle so? What will it prove? And to whom? The stars watch and are bewildered and amused. You look up and feel awed and overwhelmed. By what? By something which shines brightly in the night sky. Something that touches your soul from light years away…simply by existing.

Think. Feel.

The Light that is you shines just as brightly as the stars when it is not dimmed by fear and insecurity.

You do not have to earn you place in the Universe. Your existence creates and secures your place.

Be who you are…

Light Seekers

Light Bearers

Light givers

Be who you are…

It is enough.

We know, We are Love.


2 thoughts on “Why Do You Struggle So?

  1. I revel in the fact that I have finally reached this truth. This past year I left my place of residence of 20 years, my ‘jobs’, and my possessions were given away. It has been a fascinating journey but I can now look in the mirror and truly know that I am a vessel of light & love. No proving is needed because I AM.


  2. Being free of that need to prove anything to yourself or anyone else is heavenly! We knew each other the moment we made eye contact years ago. My heart fills with gratitude and joy at the thought of you. Love all ways.


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