Stay a Moment

Dear One,

Stay a moment with us and think quietly upon our words.

Much has been lost in the translation of spirituality into religion. so much so that there is very little common ground between the two.

Religion, as we see it in your world today, separates and leads to rigidity and intolerance. Spirituality brings all together in Love and sets the spirit free. It does not seek to make everyone the same. It honors the uniqueness of each one. It allows one to become all without giving up individuality.

The energizing force of the Universe, the Divine Essence of All-That-Is, is Love. Pure and unadulterated, its power and meaning are beyond comprehension. This Love is the Eternal One called by man: God, Goddess, Creator, Source – as many names as there are concepts and the words to define them.

But this Love is not a concept, not a principle – it is Everything and beyond all description. The Native Peoples call this “Great Mystery,” which is perhaps the closest to Truth of all names.

Yes it is a mystery, but it is one that can be experienced within the heart of every being. Those who know It can seldom fully describe or define what they know. They simply know. In knowing, they discover Oneness with themselves, with others, and with All-That-Is.

The deepening of this awareness is the essence of true spirituality. It leads to the desire and ability to love and accept others where they are. It allows each being the freedom to be. This can bring you into conflict with religion which insists on concrete rules, conformity, and exclusivity.

Take care you do not create such conflict out of a sense of arrogance due to the Light you walk in. Give yourself time to understand your own oneness and how that connects you to all others. Not doing so may result in the creation of yet another religion with “all the answers.”

Trust us, please, when we say that the world does not need another dogma. It needs an increase of harmony among the vast variety of its inhabitants.

Think on this.

In Oneness, We are Love.


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