Not Merely Change

Dear One,

The journey is one of transformation. Think about this for it is not merely change. Change tends to be external, limited to third dimensional reality. Transformation begins on the internal level with the actual restructuring of energy patterns and forms. The external manifestation can take months or even years. The more aware the being-in-form is the more easily this process unfolds.

What is the purpose? The purpose, dear One, is to return to a totally aware state while still in form…to become capable of restructuring your form to successfully contain your True Essence.

Oneness with Source, expressed in complete awareness, is a powerful state…a very high vibrational level not easily contained in form. Those known as mystics and saints achieved this state, though many could not sustain the balance of essence and form and this resulted in short life spans. With each generation the genetic structure of human beings has become more adaptable, more receptive to higher vibrational levels.

The overall result of this is that more beings are becoming aware of their essence and are restructuring in such a way that enables them to remain in form successfully for longer periods of time.

Please understand that this restructuring takes place on a deeply intuitive level. The cells of the body respond to subtle changes in energy levels and patterns. A change in one cell or in a certain type of cell elicits responses in other cells or systems as the body seeks to maintain homeostasis. It is an on-going process of infinite complexity and beauty. A process which is, for the most part, unnoticed until the manifestation begins to come forth. The latter stages of the process are the most obvious because they are the most uncomfortable for the being. Nothing feels right. Nothing makes sense.

The key is to remember you are doing fourth and fifth dimensional work in the third dimensional realm. Of course it neither feels right nor makes any sense!

Trust your True Self. You are transforming yourself in the Light of All-That-Is. Balance will be restored. Harmony will be established. Your unique essence will play its part in the symphony of the Universe.

From within you,

We are Love.


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