Beauty Is the Essence of True Self

Dear One,

There is within each being, Beauty. This Beauty is the essence of the True Self. As the being sheds ideas of self that are put upon it by others, it becomes more and more in tune with its Higher Self. As the awareness of Self grows, the awareness of Oneness also increases. There is a time when the being comes to realize that it is truly One with All-that-Is.

When this realization is integrated into the awareness of Self, the True Self lives its Essence through whatever form the being inhabits. In the context of your current existence, the True Self manifests fully in third dimensional reality. This is when the being reaches a state of what is called spiritual maturity.

Spiritual maturity is not a state of existence. There continues to be growth and change but the process is significantly altered. In immaturity change is often painful and traumatic. In spiritual maturity change is the normal, and therefore comfortable, state of being.

The Universe is far from static. As you know, It is in the state of constant change. The Universe Within is no different. It is living in form, or in body, that makes change difficult. Until the garbage of this and other lifetimes is burned away, the being-in-form struggles against internal change. Everything is an effort. When the hindrances are gone, change becomes nothing more than the ebb and flow of the Life Force, which is the Source-of-All.

We realize that this sounds idyllic to you – a state of being where change is barely noticed? A state of being where transition is not traumatic or uncomfortable? Yes, dear One, this is exactly what we want you to understand. It is not your True Self that struggles so with transition. It is your form, your third dimensional reality being, not your Essence, that experiences such distress with every shift in energy and vibrational pattern.

Your True Self is quite accustomed to making such adjustments because it is one with the Universe. Think upon this truth. Think upon the nature of the Universe in which you live. Think upon what “The Universe Within” means. Think about the reality of who you truly are.

Bear with the discomfort, dear One. There is a time coming when it will seem insignificant in light of the freedom of spirit gained. You will walk in the Beauty which is yours. The Light and Life and Love that is you will manifest Itself in all levels of your consciousness. You will bring that Light and Life and Love into this present reality in a way that will enable you to transcend time and space in deed as well as thought. And then you shall know the true meaning of Peace.

One with Beauty,

We are Love.


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