Two Together

Dear One,

Two Together increases the awareness of One. Never has it been easy for beings in form to be One with each other. As in so many other things, this is most often due to the lack of awareness of the True Self within each being. It is also due to the fact that human beings seldom take care in choosing partners. They stumble blindly into relationships with less care than they buy a car or a wrist watch!

Joining is of deep significance and importance to all of us. We would suggest taking great care in seeking the guidance and approval of Source, All-That-Is, before committing oneself to partnership while in form. It seems not to occur to human beings that everything they do has spiritual/eternal significance. This is especially true in the matter of mating.

Discarnate beings are drawn to one another in alliances and partnerships on entirely different levels, of course. The vast majority of incarnate beings join for exclusively physical reasons: pleasure or procreation primarily.

The purpose of partnering goes far beyond the biological. The emotional dimension is sometimes recognized in acknowledging the need for nurturing and companionship as well as healing. The spiritual implications of bonding are touched upon but seldom truly understood.

If beings would allow themselves to be guided or led by Love and Light to their partners, there would be far less heartache. Nothing is wasted, it is true, but all things are not truly productive on the spirit level. True union of two produces a third: One that transcends the Essence of the two in manifesting that which cannot be apart from Two Together. The True Self of each one is preserved in its uniqueness and individuality while integrating on all levels – psychic, emotional, physical, spiritual – with the Essence of the other being.

In this is a picture in third dimensional reality of the Truth of Oneness within All-That-Is. God-Goddess-All-That-Is contains the Essence of the Universe within Itself as the Eternal One or Love. When Two Together become truly One, the third Essence created is that of Eternal Oneness or Love.

Does your left brain convulse trying to figure this one out? It is all right, dear One. Do not try to grasp the Eternal with the mind. As an early Christian mystic wrote, the things of Spirit can only be grasped by Spirit, not by the understanding. Listen with your heart. It is Within that all Truth lies and is comprehended and apprehended.

Together as One,

We are Love.


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