Well and Truly Loved

Dear One,

As surely as the sun shines on a clear spring day, you are loved. You are well and truly loved by all those who dwell beyond the reaches of this third dimensional reality. The Ones you feel when you enter the silence within. The Ones you know are there but cannot quite identify. There have been times when you chuckled at your own vivid “imagination” and wondered at the feeling of being observed. Did you notice that it was never a malevolent feeling but rather one of mild curiosity and deep affection?

No, you are definitely not alone in the Universe. We are with you and in you and of you. We are Love, as are you. Love is our Source and our Light and our Life…as It is yours. You know it, do you not? Does acknowledging it consciously frighten you a little? It is all right. We understand. We see the demand for reason and logic all around you. We see the scorning of all that cannot be either seen or touched or clearly recorded with some scientific instrument.

Reasonable Man has yet to truly explain the Northern Lights or accurately predict the weather on a daily basis! Skepticism does not deter us nor make usĀ impatient. We are Love and We are infinitely willing to wait for each being to awaken to an awareness of its own Essence – its true place in the Universe, its relation to the Whole, to All-That-Is.

We delight in the presence of those who dare to actively search. It is no small thing to ask the universal questions and demand that there must be answers when it appears that no one has found them! There are answers, dear One. They are to be found in the stillness of spirit and heart that is experienced when you enter you sacred space, when you are alone in the silence.

Truth is complicated by those who insist they are the only ones who have it. Truth is Love within and without. All that manifests in light of Love is Truth. What else is there to know once you understand that you are not alone?

We are Present,

We are Love.


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