Just Breathe

The feeling of my body breathing occupies my awareness this morning. My abdominal and intercostal (rib cage) muscles are tight and very slightly aching from the work I did yesterday arranging the garage. The work was fulfilling on several levels. Considering the overall fatigue encountered by a major move and life transition, I was very happy to discover my own physical strength! My initial intention was to wait until someone could help me. As it turned out, that just wasn’t necessary and the job is done. To my knowledge, only one bruise was added to my ripening, transition-weary body and that is always a major accomplishment! And, once I arrange for pickup of give-away items, I will be able to put my car in the garage. Let me just say I am immensely proud of myself!

In this moment, all that requires my attention is my breath. The tightness is restricting the flow somewhat so I must be more conscious and expand into the ribs and abdominal area. If not, my shoulders also tighten and lift. My practice today will focus on loosening the torso and conscious breathing. My gift to myself today is a 90 minute therapeutic massage. Until it is time for that, I will just breathe.

It is enough. Namaste.


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