The Wonder of You

I sat and listened to the birds outside my window this morning. It is a symphony. Such a vibrant, happy sound. It is available every morning. Wonderful.

This is how I feel each of you in this symphony of life. You are a wonder of creation. There is no one on the planet just like you. Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself! Everyone else is already taken.” Throughout my teen years, my father invited me time and again to just be myself. The challenge was that I had no idea who I was! So I kept trying on different personalities, behaviors, and personas. None of them fit because, of course, those were already taken. It was several decades before I began to discover True Self. Teachers came into my life to guide me into the unfolding of my True Self. Learning that, like you, I am a wonder of creation and that there is no one on the planet just like me, continues to be a wonder-filled experience.

You are love manifesting in human form. You are infinitely and unconditionally loved. You are a symphony. You are Wonderful.

It can be a challenge to embrace your own wonderfulness. On a recent day, when fatigue overtook me, feeling wonderful was not my experience. I felt spent and flat and didn’t have the energy to do anything about it. It slowly dawned on me how differently I was responding to everything I was feeling. There was a time when I would have cried most of the day, feeling depressed and judging myself for my lack of gratitude and happiness. This was different. The fatigue was appropriate and the “depression” was physical. Hard work on every level had depressed the energy available for me to continue. Mentally and emotionally I was quiet and peaceful, knowing my body just sat down and refused to do one more thing without a full day of rest. The next day I felt like me! And that was wonderful!

Think. Feel. Know. The Wonder of You simply is. Find it. Believe it. Let that shine.

You aren’t there yet? Wonderful! Trust the process because you are unfolding. You don’t have teachers to guide you? Ask them to come to you. As you wait, get yourself ready. Do what you know to do now. Do it simply and consistently. You are unfolding. Explore the internet. I have never met the teachers who most powerfully influenced me early in my conscious experience. I learned through books and tapes. The internet did not yet exist. Truth is coming to you in many forms. Let it come. You are unfolding and, once begun, the unfolding happens, Period.

I love you. You are loved. You are love manifesting in human form. You are wonderful.

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