Coming Back Around

Life truly is a circle that never ends. A circle can be open with a section of its arc not connected. A circle can be closed with no openning in its border. A circle can draw into itself and encompass a smaller area. It can also expand and enlarge the area it encompasses. When you walk the circumference of a circle, it brings you back to where you started.

How often have you said “I take one step forward and three steps back”? I no longer resonate with that statement. Seeing life with more fluid movement (rather than linear: going forward or back along a given line) has changed my perspective. When I find myself dealing with a familiar issue, I now experience it as revisiting something to see how far I have come, clear a bit of residue that has risen to the top of my awareness or receive an insight that was blocked by my earlier interpretations.

Life is a process and it brings me back around to experiences, attitudes, even people that I need to revisit, whether I always realize that or not. Very recently, life has been bringing people back into my life that were important to me in high school. This is where technology can be a definite blessing. Each of these people returned to me through the internet. Some found me on Facebook; others found me through an invitation to a class reunion. The process has been a joy.

I have discovered that, just as I wondered over the years where they were and how they were, they thought of me as well. Now, we are getting to know each other again and catching up on our life stories. One of my friends will be visiting the area where I now live and we plan to meet. I am so excited that she is looking forward to this as much as I am. We had so much fun in high school; we even dated a lot of the same boys. And I come with greetings from one of them that I don’t think she has been in touch with for a while. So, another circle begins to turn and continues to reconnect us to one another.

When the circle of life moves me physically away from a group of people, I begin to see the different levels of connectedness. The deeper connections hold true even though it takes a bit more effort; the others remain and are affirmed when I return to visit. Either way it is ajoy.

Today I am inviting you to shift your perspective of how life flows. Spend some time with the ideas of fluidity and circular movement that have life-enhancing purposes. Notice how you language what you are experiencing whether you are speaking with another or within yourself. If you are always seeing yourself as going backwards, your interpretation hinders the flow of information and experience the Divine is seeking to bring to you. Open up to expansive possibilities and see if your interpretations change and if the experience shifts as well.

The result may well be that you will begin to dance the circles of your life rather than trudging along!

Namaste, dear hearts.


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