Free To Be Me

Emerging in True Self is the adventure of a lifetime. The initial discovery of the truth of I Am All That I Am is like the high we experience when we fall in love because that is exactly what we are doing. We fall in love with ourselves because we now understand that there is no judge, no condemnation, no punishment. There is only the unfolding into the depth and width of this True Self, this divine being currently having a human experience.

This morning as I rummaged through several drawers looking for a journal with study notes, I came across one with entries from 1996. They all were from a series of retreats that involved long periods of silence and solitude. At the end was a short poem I wrote from my heart, without thought for rules or forms, though it actually rhymes! I will share this and trust it touches a chord in others as it did in me. There is a blessing in looking back for a moment to acknowledge our beginnings of awareness and to see how far we have come.

I begin to be free

of all that is not me

Letting go of the shame

now flowing without aim

Seeking, searching deep within

releasing the darkest sin

I begin to be free

of all that is not me

Old voices may cry

within my mind’s eye

But True Self’s voice

now makes each choice

as I begin to be free

of all that is not me

(August 1996)

May you unfold into the awareness of True Self with an open heart and mind.

May you know peace.

Aum shanti shanti shanti.    Namaste


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