Are You Listening to Your Body?

I am currently participating in the free 21-day meditation experience offered through the Deepak Chopra web site. He and Oprah present these meditations throughout the year. Each session takes just twenty minutes and I would encourage you to visit the site and consider participating at some point.

Today’s meditation focused on being successful in the care of your body. A journal is provided after you meditate to bring your experience into your practical life experience.

I want to share this idea with you and ask if you have learned how to hear your body’s messages, its voice. A very simple example comes from my own life. Years ago, when learning to buy and prepare healthier foods, I attended a women’s retreat one weekend. One of the speakers was presenting ideas on introducing brown rice, unrefined sugars, higher nutrient foods to our families. This was 30 years ago so it was all new to us at that time.

One of the things she said that day struck me as so simple I have never forgotten it. She put out the idea that most of us were not drinking enough water. She suggested that we often eat when we are really thirsty. She also suggested we stop for a moment as we walk toward the pantry or the frig and take a few breaths. She said to use that moment to ask ourselves if we were hungry or thirsty. “Ask your body what it needs before you automatically put anything in your mouth.” What?! Talk to my body?!

Well, I tried it and, to my most pleasant surprise, it worked. It worked and she was right. Most of the time when I headed for the kitchen I was more thirsty than hungry. How did my body tell me? I doubt it is the same for everyone but I will share my experience. When I stop and take a few breaths to center within, I quietly say, “What do you really need? Are you thirsty or hungry?” When my body needs water, my awareness quickly settles in my mouth and I realize it feels dry. When my body needs food, my awareness goes to my stomach and I feel a sense of emptiness. Because I have used food for comfort, even then I will ask again – especially if I am in an emotional state – “Are you really hungry or will a cup of tea satisfy you?” In this case, I trust the first thought that comes to my mind and respond accordingly.

There is nothing magical about this. It is a state of unity of body, mind and heart or emotions. It is letting my True Self, my Soul, bring me into oneness with my entire being. It is caring for my body so that I live a vibrant, engaged, and happy life.



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