Living From the Expansiveness of Your Soul

There are many ways to describe the Essence of Being that is manifesting through this body and personality in this current lifetime. This Essence is known as the spirit, soul, True Self, Inner Wisdom, Higher Self, etc. When I become aware of “someone” looking out the portals of my eyes to see this world, I am connecting with this Inner Being. This is the real me. I like the terms True Self and Soul. This is that part of me that is untouched by the traumas of human life. It is One with All That Is. It is eternal.

The process of enlightenment is remembering (re-membering, re-connecting) that Essence that is Divine, that is Love manifesting in human form. Once remembered, the Soul flourishes and brings the higher levels of awareness that heal and expand me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Practices like yoga and meditation make this process natural, an unfolding into True Self that allows me to feel safe and free to be me!

As my yoga practice came to a close this morning, a sweet mantra came into my awareness. My intention for my morning practice was to remember feeling safe and free to manifest my True Self. As I felt the vibration shift within my body, my heart and mind relaxed and began to align more fully with my Soul. I felt lighter and my face smiled as my breath slowed, bringing me into my truth. Then, this arose in my awareness:

I live from the expansiveness of my soul.

Even now, I stop and close my eyes. As I take several slow breaths, I easily flow back into that feeling of expansiveness in my body, mind, and heart. The joy and love of the Divine flood my being and I know mySelf. Oh yeah…..!

As one who loves you and honors your soul, your presence in this life, I invite you to delve into the expansiveness of your soul and abide there. You are loved, dear hearts. Infinitely and unconditionally loved.


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