The Best You

In my studies of Native American spirituality and customs, I discovered a simple, yet profound, motivation for becoming fully myself. At the time I was examining what parts of me felt real as opposed to those parts that had developed in order to please others. I am not an expert on Native American philosophy but I know what came to me as a gift and what opened my understanding and allowed healing.

This particular teaching had to do with allowing each individual to follow their path and develop whatever gifts they had been endowed with by the Creator. The underlying belief is that the greatest gift we bring to our family, our tribe, our nation is to be most truly who we are. The only way to know who we are is to make our journey of disovery and enlightenment. Allowing a child to reveal their personality and their talents rather than telling them how to be and what to be is a profound gift.

Few of us have experienced this gift so we must “find ourselves” as adults. Our culture is very focused on outward success or the material appearance of success. I have known extremely wealthy people at times. Some are humble and gracious and always looking for ways to use what they have to benefit others. Some are fearful and unhappy, using their wealth to gain more and to control others in the process.

The journey of enlightenment provides different goals and “rewards.” Sitting in silence, feeling the breath and your oneness with Self and Source is a form of wealth beyond measure. Knowing that you are Divine Love in form and that your presence brings that Love to your world is humbling. The most profound and delightful truth is that no perfection is required! No rules or standards must be met. You can just be yourself, wherever you are in your journey at that moment, is perfection! Divine Love will ooze out your pores and shine through your eyes and your smile. The gift you bring is you.

Let me repeat myself:  THE GIFT YOU BRING IS YOU.

Wherever you are today is the best “you” today. Do you tend to think “When I am happier, nicer, smarter…..I will have something to give.”? Are you always looking for your purpose? My experience has been that the ultimate purpose of my life is to manifest the Divine Love that I Am. When I live from the love and compassion of my Soul, all other purposes are easily revealed and fulfilled.


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