Another Circle Emerges

A few days ago I had lunch with someone I had not seen or connected with in over forty years. We went to high school together in Washington DC. It was an all-girls school and we shared the same circle of friends. We also dated a lot of the same boys, which was a source of laughter to us at lunch. Even back then it didn’t create problems for us. I guess we were already into recycling and didn’t know it!

I was excited as I drove to meet her, wondering what the Divine had in store for us. A reunion neither of us attended a year ago brought me into contact with several from that circle formed so many years ago. On the drive I am sweetly curious about why she is the one I am actually going to spend time with. Why has Life arranged this? An adventure begins!

My heart leaps with joy when I see her and we hug and look into one another’s eyes. Memories rise as well as does the realization that I know nothing about this woman before me. What do you talk about after forty years? We begin with the memories and then share enough details to bring us up to date. We joyfully begin to discover we have more in common now than we did then. We laugh as we share how we “saw” each other as teenagers.  Two-and-a-half hours fly by and we must part.

This is when our hearts open wide because neither of us wants to part. We acknowledge the gift we have been given as the separate circles of our lives intersect once again. We hug several times and tell each other “I love you.”  Even now, as I type this, soft tears fill my eyes. We met in a Catholic School as young girls and shared that part of our spiritual journey. We come back together as spiritual women who have transcended organized religion. Our paths have been similar in essential ways and we find in one another a kindred spirit.

Another circle begins to form. It is one we will share as we consciously explore this time of our lives. There is no doubt we will see each other again, even though we currently live on opposite sides of the country. Divine Love is not limited by the linear concepts of time and distance. This circle now forming reminds me that circles rarely stand alone. They intersect and overlap. They connect us to each other. And…a circle never ends. Even when complete, it continues to revolve and it brings us time and again to exactly that place we are meant to be.

My gratitude is profound. There is such joy in enlightened friendship and in the depth and freedom of Love that flows in and through that friendship. Words are always inadequate at such times. So I will end with a personal interpretation (still true to a more precise one) of

NAMASTE:    When I walk the circle of my life from a place of oneness with my True Self and you walk the circle of your life from a place of oneness with your True Self, we are truly One.


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