Immersed in This Moment

Yesterday I wrote about the power of release. This morning as I sit in my rocking chair to journal and blog, my eyes consistently gaze toward a window. I stop typing and broaden my breath into my rib cage and belly. My gaze softens and I feel my own presence here in this spot, in this moment. I let my eyes close and sink into myself. I am really here. Right here, right now, I am really here.

There is nothing like it. Total immersion and presence in this moment.

Meditation practice makes a moment like this possible. It is not unusual not to feel this way while actually meditating. This is why it is called a practice (look up the meaning of “practice” even if you think you know exactly what it means). What I just experienced was spontaneous and simple and I loved it. This is why I am faithful to the practice. Yoga and meditation create my ability to release into this gift of being fully immersed in this moment.

There are times I experience the same thing in my meditation but, when it just comes to me like it is doing this morning, I am wrapped in the arms of Divine Love and Compassion. It is a Cosmic Hug. It is the Embrace of All That Is as the “I” disappears into the “ALL.”

I love you. Namaste.

4 thoughts on “Immersed in This Moment

  1. was just floating down the river this morning, and the phrase, “immersed in the moment,” struck me as a title for my series of poems………… then, back to living in the moment…I saw a bald eagle calmly sitting above me, unconcerned with my presence…we were both in the moment. Several hours I sit here and googled the phrase, and found you
    denny williamson


  2. Wow! As I read your comment, Denny, I was transported to the river and the presence of the bald eagle. I closed my eyes and was immersed in that moment and my breath expanded so deeply I felt myself floating. The breath and the river became one. The eagle reminds us to fly high enough (within)to see the bigger picture and invites us to touch the face of God. Thank you for sharing your world with me. Be in bliss, Catherine.


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