Bird Song

This morning my mind and heart are filled with bird song. I hear them every morning but this morning I am filled with their song. As I open the blind on my kitchen door, the song of mourning doves fills the air. I see two perched on the wall just outside and am enamored by their soft beauty. A few moments later I hear birds in the front and quietly walk toward the large window in my living room. I expect to see a flock of small birds in the bushes but there are just two house wrens on the porch across from me. Two! The male is strutting his stuff as the female watches. Their chatter makes me laugh because it is way bigger than they are! I smile broadly and shake my head. Sweet beings.

Their song chases all thought from my mind and I am immersed in it, not knowing how many different kinds of birds sing, not seeing them, just hearing their presence. Birds just live. They fly, they feed, they sing, they chatter,they breed, they build nests and raise their young. They go about the business of life not really caring that I am around. And they sing.

Last year, on a walk with my daughter-in-law, a hawk stood at the end of a driveway near a puddle of water, no more than four feet from us. This beauty came almost to my knee and I am 5’8″. We were spellbound by its presence. Life stood still as the three of us shared a moment. When the hawk flew, my heart sang. Can you imagine the wing span of a hawk that size? My heart sang.

This morning their song reminds me to be still and breathe. They call me to this present moment. Why be anywhere else in my head? What could be more important, more beautiful, more sweet than their song?

I am filled with sweet, quiet joy and gratitude for this moment and for the gift of bird song. May this gentle sweetness abide in my heart and mind as this day unfolds. May you be blessed as your day unfolds and may you find such joy and gratitude in whatever gift life brings to fill your heart and mind in this moment.

aum shanti shanti shanti

aum peace peace peace


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