The Energy of Expression

How do you manifest and express yourself in the world? Does this manifestation and expression align with your True Nature, your True Self or Soul?

These questions are in my awareness because of the recent transition I created that moved me to another state, brought my decision to take a hiatus from teaching weekly classes, and presented me with the opportunity to evaluate everything from my wardrobe to what I want to do with the rest of my life.

In hatha yoga we seek balance throughout our energy system which includes our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual self. The chakra system helps us to understand how energy flows and localizes in the physical body. Balance in the flow of energy is key to the attainment of wholeness, well-being, and enlightenment.

The fifth chakra, at the base of the throat and back of the neck, is the focal point of the energy of self-expression or how we manifest ourselves in the world. The more balanced we are, the more clearly we can manifest True Self. One of Shakespeare’s characters declared “The truth will out!” Oh yes, it will. Most of us know that we put on our best behavior when we first meet someone or take a new job. The average person can maintain that for about three months and then opinions begin to be expressed more freely and habits become more obvious. Someone working very hard might be able to maintain their best behavior for six months, but that is rare and totally exhausting.

Wouldn’t it be easier and more real to live from our best consistently? Of course it would, and this, dear hearts, is the path of enlightenment in a nut shell.

So, a quick look at how to use the flow of energy to achieve a truer and healthier manifestation of True Self.

Chakra 1:  This is the root chakra at the base of the spine. It is the energy of being grounded, connected to the earth. It is the base or foundation of the system we want in balance. The color of the energy here is red.

Chakra 2:   Located between the pubic bone and the naval, this is the energy center of relationships (families, communities of all kinds), our connection with others. The color of the energy here is orange.

Chakra 3:   This energy center is behind the naval and is the home of the self and the will. This is where we know ourselves. The color of the energy here is yellow.

Chakra 4:   This is the heart center and holds the Love that comes to us from All That Is as well as the Love that we manifest to the world. The color of the energy here is green.

Chakra 5:   This is the throat chakra as mentioned above. The energy of self-expression emanates out from here, not just verbally but in all forms of expression. The color of the energy here is blue.

Chakra 6:   This energy center is also known as the third eye. This is the energy center of personal truth, of how we see and understand the flow of life. It is a portal to higher truth and awareness. The color of the energy here is the soft, clear purple of an amethyst quartz crystal.

Chakra 7:   This is the crown chakra at the top of the head. It is the energy that connects us to the Source of All That Is. This is where we experience our Oneness with All That Is. The energy of this center is pure white light.

If I desire for the energy of self-expression at Chakra 5, the throat, to be clear, balanced, and a true manifestation of mySelf, I will create balance from below (1,2,3,4) and above (6,7). I do this in every level of my being and awareness: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

My foundation (chakra 1) is solid and I feel grounded.

My relationships (chakra 2) are healthy and growing. I attract healthy people who are of like-mind.

My awareness of Self (chakra 3) continues to unfold. I know mySelf and live mindfully from that awareness.

My heart (chakra 4) is open to the Love that flows to me from All That Is and that Love flows from me to others.

My manifestation of True Self (chakra 5) is clear and true as I live from the Love and Compassion that I Am.

My Personal Truth (chakra 6) comes from my level of awareness and enlightenment, which continues to unfold.

My oneness with All That Is (chakra 7) is the source of my wholeness, balance, and truth.

Just as my body functions every moment of every day to maintain its balance through the process of homeostasis, my True Self continues to unfold into enlightened expression of the Oneness that I Am.



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