Chakra Visualization for Balance

My last entry was about the fifth chakra energy of self-expression. In that post, I included the colors associated with each chakra. The colors are primary and align naturally in rainbows and prisms – and in us. One of my favorite and most practical meditations uses these colors to enhance balance throughout my chakra system. Read through this presentation and try it for yourself. You can even record your own meditation for future use. Hearing your own voice guiding you through your energy system is powerful.

Create a comfortable place to sit or stretch out fully – you choose. Begin by connecting with the flow of your breath by taking 3-5 slow, expansive breaths and let yourself melt deeply into your exhales. Then let your breath return to a normal, soft flow.

Feel your entire body and the flow of your breath. Form the intention of creating balance with a simple affirmation. A few possibilities are:  I am balance itself.  I experience balance in body, mind, heart and spirit.  My chakras align with my soul. My chakra system is balanced.

Bring your awareness to the first chakra at the pelvic floor and visualize the pelvis as a shallow bowl. Breathe into that bowl slowly and gently and let it fill with red earth energy, hot like the earth’s core.

As you continue to breathe into the bowl, the energy rises and begins to fill the lower abdomen. As the second chakra receives this energy, the color becomes a deep orange and only slightly cooler.

The belly fills and the energy rises toward the space behind the naval, the third chakra. Now the energy is yellow and bright like the sun. It warms the center of your being and, for a moment, your breath expands again.

As it does, the energy continues to rise and you feel the base of the ribcage open to receive. Now the energy cools slightly and the color transforms to a rich verdant green as the heart center or fourth chakra opens wide and is filled with the Love of All That Is.

Breathe into the heart and let the energy rise even higher to the throat. The fifth chakra opens and the energy becomes rich and blue like the robes of royalty. Upper chest, throat and neck, jaw and mouth soak it up and relax into the openness of love and light.

Still the breath carries the energy upward to the sixth chakra at the base of the skull and the center of the forehead. The third eye fills with a much lighter, clearer energy that has become amethyst purple.

This energy rises to the crown of the head, chakra seven, and expands outward into All That Is. All awareness meets and crystal white light begins to gently swirl into a downward spiral that enters your body through the crown.

As it rotates down it collects each color: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. Now a spiral of rainblow light, energy, flows up and down through the chakra system bringing balance, wholeness, oneness. Embrace this rainbow spiral. Let it flow gently and freely as you immerse yourself in oneness, balance and wholeness. Stay in this space as long as you like.

When you are ready to emerge, expand your breath slowly and gently and feel your body move with your breath. Breathe into your toes and fingers and slowly begin to move. If stretched out, return to a sitting position.

Bring your hands namaste to the heart. Take 3-5 deep, slow breaths. Bring to mind your affirmation and repeat it a few times. Bow as you whisper “Namaste” to end your meditation.

Aum shanti, dear hearts.


2 thoughts on “Chakra Visualization for Balance

  1. Thank you Catherine. It’s been a long time since I have taken your class and reading this makes me feel like it hasn’t been that long. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and time to write such helpful and beautiful insights on life. You are truly amazing.


  2. You are most welcome, Adina. You are truly amazing as well! You come with an open heart and an open mind and you give yourself the gifts that the Universe has to offer. No wonder you feel blessed!


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