Listen From the Heart

I am saying this to myself this morning and thinking some of you may need to hear it as well:

Listen from your heart, Catherine.

Listen lovingly, compassionately, patiently.

Look softly into people’s eyes as they speak. Take their hand or touch their arm if that is appropriate.

Take a moment of quiet when the person stops speaking. Let your Soul guide what you do or say. If no words come, a smile or gentle touch will be enough; a warm embrace transcends words.

There is nothing you have to say that is more important than that person knowing they are truly seen and heard.

Listen from your heart.


4 thoughts on “Listen From the Heart

  1. These words ring true and I will practice taking the time to incorporate these ways into my daily life. Thank you


  2. Thank you. Like you I have moved and am making new friends. The art of listening is something I just need to be more conscious of practicing.


  3. You are welcome, Adina. I find it easy to get caught up in that flow of conversation when we all jump in and add our thoughts and feelings. There are times when that works and love and laughter flow as freely as the words. I also know there are times when it is much more important to truly hear what others are saying. Like you, I seek the conscious practice of truly hearing their hearts.


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