Honoring Our Teachers

In yoga we have a tradition that is embodied in this blessing:

I honor my teachers and their teachers.

I am experiencing deeper awareness in several areas of my life. This is bringing healing and freedom to me that, I realize this morning, have been years in the making. I sit and close my eyes, remembering and feeling the many teachers who have guided and encouraged me along the way. They have included family members, friends, school teachers, bible teachers, Native American teachers, yoga and meditation teachers, counselors, therapists, and strangers. Their teaching has come to me one-on-one, in classes, workshops and retreats. I have read their books, listened to them on tape, watched their videos and cds, and more recently sat under their teaching through webinars and podcasts. Today I feel them with their teachers as they prepared to become my teachers. I can feel the teachers of their teachers back through the ages.

Truth passed down through the ages, through the generations, reaching now to me and being passed on to my students – many of whom have become teachers themselves and continue this incredible tradition of loving others and supporting their journeys of loving enlightenment.

To those of you who have taught me and who continue to do so, I honor you today and every day. I honor those who taught you and who continue to do so. To those of you who have graced my life as students, you honor me by your presence and I honor you in return for gifting yourselves with ongoing openness to love and light.

Love and light unfolding and expanding in and through us all.  Namaste.


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