Who Am I?

This is the question of a lifetime. It is the central, primary question of introspection and self-inquiry. The answer changes and refines itself over and over again. Over time the answer becomes clearer and simpler and more powerful. I can answer it in as few as two words and I can expand on what those two words mean in any given moment. A few weeks ago, I wrote the following in my meditation journal?

I AM Divine Love manifesting in human form. I came into this form in order to experience Love and Life on a sensory, sensual level. I carry some residue from being trained by those who did not remember who they are and I bring some in from past lifetimes not yet fully resolved and actualized. In this current journey, that residue has been burning away in the light of Divine Love. I AM a spiritual being inhabiting a human form in order to love myself and others fully and unconditionally. I come with gifts of teaching, encouraging, communicating from the Divine within this form. I AM one with All That Is. I abide in the wisdom and peace of my Soul. I AM ALL THAT I AM now and forever, Amen.

I AM one with all others and in the Oneness of All That Is we are whole. In the Wholeness of All That Is we are one. We are Namaste in this world.


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