One of the relationship studies I did recently spoke to the importance of appreciation. We all need to be appreciated. Many years ago I developed a habit of telling people, especially little children that I met through my job, that I was very glad they were born. Almost without exception, young or old, they ask me why I’m glad. My answer is always the same, “I am glad you were born so that I could know you because I think you are wonderful!” It is such a joy to see faces light up as they take in those words. When I meet a person who is comfortable with previous life connections, I will say that I am glad they were born into this lifetime so that we could meet again. The response on their part is the same, eyes light up, faces smile, hugs follow.

My father taught me many years ago to appreciate people who give me service, especially because so many people only speak what they are feeling when they have a complaint.  Here are some examples of how I have followed his wise counsel. I called a bank manager to tell him how well-trained, professional and friendly one of his tellers was. This week I registered my car and tested for my license in my new home state. You all know what a visit to a DMV can be like! I had one of the first appointments and they were having system computer issues. The woman serving me remained patient and persevered while still being polite to me. I had heard people griping outside when they didn’t open the doors before they were scheduled to open and had formed an intention to appreciate the service no matter what. I smiled and thanked everyone on the way in; they were a bit taken back that I didn’t have complaints and would quickly smile back. At the end of my appointment, I asked to speak to a supervisor so I could compliment the woman at my counter. She asked if I would fill out their form so it could go into her personnel file. I happily did that and handed it back to her rather than mailing it so that she could read it right away. I left in such a happy state of mind that I felt a bit goofy – how could I be so light-hearted after half a morning at the DMV!

Today I am recovering from a 48 hour stomach virus and am more than grateful, needless to say. I suffered with this one and yet I was so appreciative of my cozy home, funny stuff to watch on television, beautiful music to soothe my mind, body, heart. My loving son went to the grocery store three times to bring me things that I might be able to keep down…and his wife had the same thing at the same time! God bless him!

I appreciate myself today because I let it be okay to be so sick. I stayed mindful of my own needs and let my body do its healing work. That will continue until I feel well and strong again. I appreciate my ability to stop. I appreciate the miracle of this body I live in; it is a Master Healer. I appreciate my teachers, mentors, family and friends.

I appreciate each of you that is reading this because some of you come here even though we have never met – well, not yet in this lifetime! I appreciate those of you that I do know because you don’t get tired of reading what I write.

Today, I invite you to develop this gift of appreciation for yourself and others. I am a message or email away if you want to share or have questions I can assist with, privately or in th blog.

Aum shanti. Namaste.


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