Divine Love

Everything that defies definition, description, division.

Every blessing, bit of good luck, opportunity.

Every challenge, disappointment, unexpected turn in the road.

Every person who ever loved me and let me love them in return.

Every person who resented me whether I love them or not.

Every smile, tear, belly laugh, hug, kiss,.

Every hello, goodbye, see you soon.

Every teacher who showed up in my life, whether the lessons were about what works in life or what doesn’t.

Every mountain, mesa, valley, tree, flower, planted or fallow field, bird, animal, fish, snakes, and most of the insects (yeah, not quite fully enlightened about this).

Every cloud, storm, blue sky, breeze, wind storm, rain drop, snow flake, river, lake, ocean, waterfall.

Every cell, atom, element.

Every human being.

Every breath.

Every moment.

This moment.



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