Love and Light in Form

We struggle with and against that which seems to contradict what we consider to be The Light. We are often taught to overcome the flesh or sin. Literature, Film, Art is often dominated as well with images of the clash between light and darkness, good and evil. Conflict surrounds us.

And yet many of us, in seeking peace in the midst of the conflict, come to realize the fallacy of these opposing forces. We begin to reside and rest in the Oneness of All That Is. We find our Wholeness within as we discover True Self, the Soul that gives life to this form, to body, mind and emotions.

I have probably mentioned before that I am drawn to black and white photography. In speaking with an artist about this, he responded by telling me that I was responding to the definition that shadows bring to the clarity of the light. He told me that the edges of the darkness define and call attention to the light.

Can you feel the power of that?! My spiritual mentors have taught me to release the need to fight myself. They have guided me into seeing these experiences of duality in their divine opposite of nonduality. Everything is part of the All. This third dimensional world exists because of opposites, literally. The electromagnetic field of planet earth balances between the north and south poles and gives this planet form and presence in the universe. The universe itself is held in form through innumerable energy fields interacting and balancing opposing energy fields…..and that is my profoundly simply perception of what my physicist friends have explained to me.  If you want a more scientific explanation, please find a physicist of your own (feel free to laugh here)!

Nature doesn’t fight itself. It just hangs in the balance of what is. When nature manifests itself through torrents of water, wind or fire, what remains adjusts, comes back into balance and begins to reproduce itself once again. Life goes on…

When I began to see myself as a being made up of loving, light-filled opposites like right and left, front and back, seen (my body, personality, etc.) and unseen (my spirit and soul), balance and wholeness began to manifest easily in my life. Struggle melted away and True Self emerged from the “darkness” within – that which cannot be seen – into the “light” without – that which can be seen. True Self is Love and Light and it chooses to manifest in this human form for the time being. This human form, including mind and emotions, must learn how to live that out, how to be that which it is in Truth.

The challenge is to release what others taught us about our True Self, our nature, and to live from the Divine that We Are Within. To be Divinely Human! Do you not love that label?! People have tried to label me all my life and I just won’t stay the same long enough for labels to stick. I don’t delight in their frustration. I am who I am and I have found a label that fits:

I am Divinely Human! There are still no boxes that can define or hold me. I am free to float on the wave of Love and Light that has manifested me in this and many lifetimes. I Am All That I Am and so are you my Divinely Human Loves. Rest. Abide. Be.


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