In the Company of Love

What do you experience when you fall in love, whether it is platonic or sexual? Take a moment and remember that initial rush of meeting someone who wakes you up, invites you to interact with them in some new and exciting way. You laugh more easily, listen to that person’s stories with great interest, and you tell your own stories as though no one had cared to hear them before. You want to see that person, talk to that person, get to know that person. It is a vibrant and fun and wonderful time in a relationship. It is love taking root and beginning to blossom.

One of the experiences I have become aware of in recent months is that I am lighter, happier, funnier, more loving when I am in the company of someone I love and who loves me. In literature and films, this is usually portrayed as being the result of the other person making me happy, better, more complete. I see that differently now.

I am responsible for my own happiness, growth and completion as a human being. Why then do I give the credit to someone else just because I just met them or fell in love with them? Is that what I am doing? Because I recently uprooted my life by selling my home and moving to another state, I am very aware of not having my precious, wonderful, loving friends in my life on a regular basis. When I visit them, it is exciting and filled with love and laughter. I miss them and I miss the “me” that I am when we are together!

This was a revelation to me. It isn’t just that I miss a person. It is that I miss who I am when I am with that person! And I miss who we are together, what we create when we interact. Our energies unite; our spirits combine; our hearts dance. Oh yeah!

I am content with mySelf. I love my life and the time I am having with my family here. I am meeting new people and know that soon I will fall in love with new friends and form new experiences that make my spirit soar and my heart dance. No, it won’t be the same because each of us is unique, each relationship is different. It is wonderful that I do not have to lose what came before in order to embrace what is coming now.

To those I see less often, I love you and cherish every phone call, email and visit so please keep those coming. To those I have yet to meet and love, welcome to my life. My heart is open; my soul awaits your presence. Join me in the company of Love.

Aum shanti. Namaste.


2 thoughts on “In the Company of Love

  1. Thank you. It is great, isn’t it? We are designed to love and be loved. The human part of us struggles with that at times. May the Divine in us break us free of all that! Have a blessed day, dear heart.


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