So, Which Is It?

These two saying are as old as the hills and I have always wondered which one is it?

Can it be both?

Can it be sometimes one and sometimes the other?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Which is it for you today? And whichever one it is, remember that it doesn’t change the essence of your being. You are still love in form, manifesting in this body, this personality, this lifetime.

My emotional experience in the moment can reveal the need for healing, release, or nurturing. I honor those needs while knowing that I Am All That I Am.



2 thoughts on “So, Which Is It?

  1. The sayings you refer to in your post today are just sayings. They are not one or the other. In fact, I think they are silly. I believe our True Selves do not recognize these sayings. They are meant for our human experience. Our True Self just Is. Our True Self is Love. Divine Love which doesn’t judge whether the heart is growing fonder or whether another is out of mind because she/he is out of site. Divine Love, our True Self, is perfect, eternal love for all that is One, united with all else and with God. Difficult to feel with human feelings sometimes, but surrounds us, permeates us, supports us, none the less. This is just my thought for you, dear loved one.


  2. Dearest Lee, the student becomes the teacher. What a beautiful comment, filled with love and wisdom and true insight. That you so much! Of course, I completely agree. Sayings such as these have their origin in the mind of someone and are passed on as though true. I do find some value in them because they can reveal patterns that have developed in my own thinking that influence my perceptions. When such thoughts plague me, it is an opportunity to shift old patterns and unfold into higher awareness. It is an opportunity to give myself the love and compassion I deserve. I love you, Lee.


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