I Met An Owl

I love to walk and now live in a place where I can do so, for the most part, when my heart desires. I do not tolerate high temperatures very well so this is truly a gift to me. One evening last week, I went out after dinner to stroll the neighborhood. As I approached a large, beautiful tree I heard a bird call. I thought it might be a hawk so I slowed down and began to look closely. It called again so I stopped and became very quiet and still. Because I thought it was a hawk, I looked high. Thinking I would not see it, I decided to continue my walk. As my eyes lowered, something on the tree’s lowest branch caught my attention. There it was. A small owl sat on that branch, almost blending in with the evening shadows. It had been watching me as I searched for the source of that call. Now it was silent, watching me, waiting to see what this two-legged was up to as the air cooled and the sky slowly darkened.

I measured my breath as our eyes met. I smiled and whispered a barely audible “Hello Beautiful.” I felt the owl studying me without fear. After all, I was not a threat and way too big to be a meal! Time was meaningless as we simply enjoyed each other’s company and the cool evening breeze. I felt I had entered the owl’s sacred space and so it was appropriate for me to quietly take my leave. “Thank you for sharing this sweet time with me. You have blessed my day,” I whispered. I walked slowly and as lightly as possible and I watched the owl’s head rotate as it watched me take my leave.

My face smiled broadly during the remainder of my walk; I don’t think I could have stopped smiling even if I had wanted to do so.

Seeing and having that time with Owl was a loving reminder of the Divine Wisdom that dwells within. Divine Wisdom is met in the Silence, the Stillness. Like the little owl on the branch, Divine Wisdom welcomes me into a Sacred Space and shares with me Its Presence and Its Grace.

May our minds and hearts be open to Divine Wisdom. May we welcome the Silence, the Stillness within. May we embrace the Divine and know the Oneness that We Are. May we walk in Wisdom, Love and Peace.



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