Life Circles With Blessings

I named this blog. I write this blog. This morning I am blessed by this blog yet again. I just responded to a comment from a friend I have known and loved for years. We have not seen each other in almost twenty years but our love never fails and I am grateful that the Circle of Life connected us again this morning. We both needed this to happen and the timing is perfect.

Life has circled with other blessings recently, though not all felt like a blessing at first. People I love are hurting as I write this and I feel their pain. I light candles on my altar and I pray and I am grateful for the love I feel. I am grateful that I know enough about their situation to send blessing of light and love. I am even grateful for the situation triggering what they are all experiencing. I don’t have or need all the details to honor their feelings and to feel empathy for what they are going through. I also know this is an opportunity for my precious loved ones to expand their awareness, discover new paths, and receive healing on all levels of awareness.

I know this because I can look back with gratitude for the times I have floundered around in belief systems that only brought me suffering. I remember the experiences that caused me to look beyond what I thought I knew to consider deeper, wider truths that could truly set me free. It was so frightening at first because I felt I was betraying people who loved me and taught me about life. Then it was wonderful because I discovered more and more light, more and more love.

The Circle of Life brings me back to these memories this morning as I sit in the silence and send love and light to beloved family members and friends. Not knowing what they need in this moment, I bathe them in Divine Love and invite them to awaken to True Self, knowing it is the path to lasting peace. Once again I circle to my own spiritual practice of trusting the flow of life.

Aum shanti, shanti, shanti, Aum peace, peace, peace.


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