Aum Ritam Namah:   My intentions and desires are in alignment with the rhythm of the Universe.

This mantra feels clear and powerful to me this morning. It is, in itself, an intention and desire for personal wholeness, oneness of Self and Source, love, and compassion.

This reminds me that I do not have to “overcome the flesh” or be perfect or always get it right. What is useful and fun and powerful is to ride the wave of life and let it carry me into itself. A very familiar phrase has become so ordinary we barely give it a true thought: Go with the flow.

Perhaps the real answer lies in understanding what “the flow” is! Many times this phrase means to do what feels good and “right” to the person saying it. In other words, don’t question what I believe because you make me uncomfortable when you do that. Quit rocking the boat.

Of course, the highest meaning is to be in the flow of light and love, to align with the heartbeat of All That Is, the Universe, The Divine. The only way to be in that flow is to release into it, to surrender and be carried into True Self, into the Oneness that I Am/We Are. This can be a challenge because it requires that I not work so hard, that I accept the fact that I am okay just the way I am today. It requires mindful living and being. It also means accepting that you are okay just the way you are today so that I truly honor your path, your dharma, just as I would hope you honor mine.

In this moment, what am I thinking and feeling? Is it true? What do the answers to these simple questions reveal to me about my alignment with All That Is, the Universe? Is it possible that taking a few slow breaths and connecting with True Self can shift this present experience? Can I think and feel something truer that easily? Can I relax into Oneness that easily?

Would you like to try it on and see if it fits? Go for it! And let me know what you discover.

Aum Ritam Namah


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