A Human Experience

In the words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Are you exhausting yourself as you work hard to be more spiritual? Or are you discovering how to be human? As I walked yesterday, I was almost run over by squirrels at play. It was so funny. They were magnificent at being squirrels and they could have cared less that a two-legged being crossed their paths! I laughed and realized I could have that much fun being human!

I hear you thinking, “Well, it isn’t always fun being human.” You are correct and it isn’t always fun being a squirrel either. The thing is, do I have to let the challenging, not-so-fun parts of life take away from the parts that are fun? Or can I learn from nature that it is okay to move from one state to another and simply experience the one I am in at the time because, either way, it isn’t going to last forever?

I am a passionate person. My definition of that is to say that I am engaged in life; that I feel what I am experiencing and that I embrace each experience as fully as I am able in that moment. There is a difference between this conscious level of engaging in life and being controlled and thrown about by my emotions. The first is fulfilling and the second is non-productive and can be chaotic and destructive.

I have said many times over the past forty years that, if I ever had a tatoo it would be on the inside of my eyelids and it would be the word “Balance.” For me, balance is the touch point of being able to enjoy life on every level, to learn and to grow and to manifest the spiritual being that I am while in this human form.


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