I abide in the peace of my Soul, my True Self.

Years ago, during a personal crisis, I traveled to northern California to have a private session with one of my beloved teachers, Richard Miller www.irest.us  During our session, Richard suggested that those things that pull us out of the moment, out of our peace, are sign posts to turn us back into ourselves. Whether the situation is an actual circumstance or thoughts that take us into the past, the future, or someone else’s life, it is a u-turn sign reminding us to return to the peace within, to the present moment.

I embraced this as a part of my spiritual practice. At first it took awareness and effort and consistency. Now, it is more natural to me. As soon as I become aware that I am thinking about something that pulls me out of the moment and disturbs my peace, a u-turn sign forms in my mind. Inevitably I smile and remember Richard Miller. My awareness turns within as I connect with a few slow, deep breaths and feel the peace within, the peace of my Soul.

This morning I remembered a story from my mother’s life and am grateful that she began my understanding of this when I was a teenager. My mother was orphaned at a very young age. She never knew her mother, who died when she was six months old, and her father died when she was about six years old. She was quite ill as a child and would run high fevers. It was the 1920’s and Katy, her second mother, would warm the sheets and then tuck her into quilts and blankets for the night. She awoke one night and saw a beautiful lady dressed in lace, standing at the foot of her bed. My sweet mother knew immediately that it was her mother. The Lady told her she had not wanted to leave her. She told her not to be afraid because she would never be alone and all that she needed was within her. My mother faced many challenges in her life and that experience comforted and strengthened her throughout her life.

No matter how I interpreted this before enlightenment, it did the same for me. I would remind myself:  I am never alone and everything that I need is within me.

What more does any of us need to know?

I abide in the peace of my Soul, my True Self.



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