The Wave of Oneness

There is, in meditation, a blessed opportunity to experience and expand into the Oneness of All That Is. When I first sat in silence, I didn’t know I was meditating. I was experiencing organized religion and began each day with my “quiet time.” There were moments when I felt the Divine Presence so completely that my body seemed to float. It was twenty years before I decided to try meditation. Wasn’t I surprised!

Taking yoga and sitting in silence at the end of our practice brought me to a different experience of meditation. My awareness began to expand and more and more often I melted into what I came to call “that sweet place.” Still I thought much of this was really outside of me. I was living in the bible belt of the south and, believe me, there were few yoga classes and even fewer enlightened teachers. I met New Agers (love them!) and those learning and following Native American traditions (oh yes, love them too!). I studied it all. People loaned or gave me books by Deepak Chopra and Abraham. I was open to Truth in any form. I had lived long enough by then to understand I could be open to all and keep what resonated with my personal journey, my truth.

My practice of sitting in silence took hold and became a natural part of my days and nights. Eknath Easwaran’s teachings came to me through my first yoga teacher. I was never able to visit his Blue Mountain Retreat in northern Califonia but my practiced blossomed as I listened to his tapes. I will never forget the freedom of him saying that a mantra is an uplifting phrase in any language that centers the mind and helps me be in the moment.

I began to enter more and more into the Oneness of All That Is and I came to understand that it is found within. The wave of oneness arises from True Self and engulfs every level of my being, every level of energy that I Am – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. It arises from within rather than washing over me from with-out.

In the Oneness of All That Is, I Am Whole. In the Wholeness of All That Is, I Am One.

I heard Yogananda sing a chant on one of his tapes that is titled “The Wave of the Sea Returns to the Sea.”  Oh yeah. Close your eyes. Feel it. Feel the wave of oneness; let it lift you and then realize you are the wave.

I love you. Namaste.


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