Authentic Expression

Many years ago, I was a committed member of a bible study group that offered a great deal of loving support. I was a young military wife and the mother of two toddlers, living in a very remote part of the world. These people were my heart’s community. One of the women came to a decision to always speak the truth which sounds noble and wise. She lacked the wisdom and compassion of life experience that brings balance to this choice and her “truth” became a battering ram. It was painful to witness and, even more painful when on the receiving end. When questioned or challenged, her answer was always the same: I’m only telling the truth.

I sit here forty years later and, as I remember those experiences with her, my heart rate increases slightly and I also remember the anxiety and discomfort her truth created. Intense.

I now know that an authentic expression of truth results from balance throughout our energy system, the chakra centers below and above our vehicle of expression which is the fourth or throat chakra. The centers below ground me, align me with others and with my own sense of self. They allow me to have an open heart that leads from compassion for myself and others. Authentic expression also results from openness in the higher chakras so that I listen and hear another before speaking and that I am aware of the oneness, the nonduality, of All That Is. The balance of all of this, being able to hear the truth of others even as I seek to speak my own, remains central to my spiritual walk in this lifetime.

I am learning that awareness is not passive even though it is discovered and nurtured in the quiet stillness of silence. Awareness empowers healing, wholeness, oneness, and freedom. Higher awareness is the vital and necessary part of authentic expression.

Authentic Expression results from experience, maturity, courage, insight, compassion, and diplomacy. It is the tender, loving manifestation of my highest truth, which is the awareness of the oneness of All That Is. It is the spiritual practice that I must nurture and maintain with love and tenderness within myself. It is the ultimate “labor” of Love.


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