It’s Okay to be Sad

Some things in life are worthy of our sadness. I was on the phone with my father during my mother’s final illness and I began to cry. He never liked to see me cry; it hurt his heart. He quietly said, “Don’t cry, honey.” I swallowed hard, not wanting to hurt him, and replied, “Dad, some things are worth crying over and this is one of them.” He knew I was right. I was privileged to be with both of my parents when they made their transitions. The tears shed during those times were sweet and filled with the wonder of these precious, imperfect, loving people who brought me into this lifetime and who stuck by me even when they didn’t understand my choices.

I also find it sad when someone I love pulls away and leaves me without resolution or even an opportunity to know or understand what is happening. A lifelong friend recently said to me “We really don’t need each other anymore.” I was so shocked by her words that I couldn’t speak – a true rarity for me! Every cell in my body was screaming “That may be your truth but it certainly is not mine,” yet the words would not come. My efforts to understand have been rebuffed and I often sit in silent sadness, not knowing what to think or say or do. This week I so needed to talk through some unrelated things with this friend, as we have done for years but, right now, that door is not open to me and tears fell as my heart ached with sadness.

It isn’t the first time a loved one has assured me that they know my truth. I also know there were times before my enlightenment when I thought I knew what was true for others. Love and life have taught me that I can only speak my truth and I can only begin to know the truth of another if they are able to speak it themselves – and not everyone can do that. So many of us have been ridiculed and rejected for speaking our truth that it seems to take more and more courage to be honest, even when we come from a place of love and compassion. This is where my sadness arises from this morning.

This is where my practice has been centered for many months now and that has resulted from years of preparation that I wasn’t fully conscious of doing. To speak my truth lovingly, compassionately (toward myself and others), and consistently is vital to my health and well-being. It is vital to my manifesting True Self clearly and authentically. It is my passion because I know it is why I am currently in human form.May M

I am a spiritual being currently having a human experience. My purpose in being human is to manifest the essence of my spiritual being while in this body and this personality. I am light and love in form and I must be true to that or my purpose cannot be fulfilled and I cannot flourish.

My heart’s desire is the highest good for all so I seek the wisdom and clarity to know when and how to speak my truth in this situation. I release all expectations of specific results when I do. I can only trust that in speaking my truth, which is for my highest good, it will result in the highest good for all. Speaking my truth lovingly and compassionately will bring release from the sadness because I know I will have done all that I can do to honor the love and the years we have shared and to seek healing. The rest is up to my friend and the flow of Divine Love in both of our lives.

For any of you that are resonating with what I have shared today, for me and all of those that I love:

May our path be one of Love and Peace. May we know True Self and walk accordingly. Aum shanti shanti shanti. Namaste.


2 thoughts on “It’s Okay to be Sad

  1. You absolutely correct, Val, and I receive and am grateful for your cosmic hug! Being able to see and embrace the way others move through the world, based on our varying levels of awareness, is a source of peace and compassion toward myself and others.
    Sending a hug back to you…xo

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