Silence can be a place of sweet surrender where I connect with the Oneness of All That Is. It can also be profoundly uncomfortable when all that I meet there is my relentless humanity!

I am comforted in the memory of a well-known avatar who came to show us a picture of the Divine in Human Form. His name in that lifetime was Yeshua  Ben Joseph. He was a teacher, healer, miracle-worker. From a young age, he knew who he was and some thought him arrogant that he would dare to speak with older, wiser adults as an equal. As an adult, multitudes sought to be in his presence. There is one story told in which he is reported to have knocked over tables and shouted and as he sent people scurrying out of a holy place. He was angered by the lack of understanding and the behavior of those doing business there. That day the man known as the Christ let us see his humanity.

I have said and heard so many times that I am a spiritual being currently having a human experience. I believe that. You are a spiritual being currently having a human experience. We all are. How long has it taken for you to wake up to the real you, the spiritual being having this human experience? I was well into adulthood before my enlightened unfolding came far enough for me to begin to see the truth of this. All things considered, I have come a very long way in a relatively short amount of time! I’m sure you have as well.

So, when I sit in the silence and my humanity is staring me in the face, I am learning to face it with love, understanding and compassion. I hope that you are, too. I spent so many years thinking of my human behavior as sin – something to be rejected, punished, done away with and perhaps not ever truly forgiven, certainly not forgotten! Now, I know it is about remembering True Self and recognizing that my entire journey has been and is a sacred path. Every “sin” brought me closer to the realization that I was not being true to mySelf, that I was falling short (which is, by the way, the definition of the word “sin”), not of God’s standard for me, but of the understanding that the very essence of my being is love.

The Silence was uncomfortable for me last week as I realized that I was angry with myself, angrier than I had been at myself in years. The specifics aren’t important now because, as soon as I realized how angry I was with myself, I understood that it was affecting my behavior toward others – ouch. There was a time when I would have gone through some degree of self-flagellation before finding peace. It would have taken a while. This time, I sought out the Silence and loved myself in the anger. Anger can be one of the most powerful Teachers, a Guide to Self and Source. As I turned within, I found a self needing love, compassion and understanding. I found a self needing attention, appreciation and gratitude. With this discovery, Anger began to fade away, having completed its purpose. Anger turned me back into mySelf where Divine Love awaited my weary heart and mind, where Divine Love was my Guide to the silence of sweet surrender and I returned to the peace of my Soul, to the Oneness of All That Is.

Precious Ones who also are currently having this human experience, may you find the love, solace, and surrender that you need today or any day that you need to return to the peace of your Soul, to the Oneness of All That Is. It is okay. We are okay, even when we forget for an instant who we are. May our relentless humanity always and in all ways turn us within to the Silence of our Souls.

Aum shanti shanti shanti.


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