What is Real?

I don’t feel very real this morning. I dreamt of flying – well, it is more like a gentle lift off followed by easily going where I please above ground. No superman capes or jet streams when I fly. It was hard to wake up this morning and I wasn’t quite sure where I was because it didn’t look like where I had been in the dream. That place felt more real than this place feels this morning. I could babble on about this but I am already wondering if you feel as though I have quite gone ’round the bend, as they say!

Nope. Just being beautifully, fancifully reminded that this world has substance but it is not all there is!

Perhaps I remember flying from some other place.

Perhaps the dream interpreters are correct and the dream means I have attained a new level of personal freedom or understanding.

Perhaps my brain just wanted to play and needed me out of the way so waited until I was sleeping.

Perhaps I saw a parallel universe.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter at all and I can just enjoy feeling not quite real this morning.

And the Universe smiled.


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