What Is The Real Issue?

Self-destructive behavior in someone I love. Being a target of that behavior. Controlling, even mean behavior from someone. Being a target of that behavior.

Can I change that person?

Can I help that person?

What is the real issue that is compromising my peace, my happiness, my joy?

The real issue is what I think and how I feel about that behavior. This is where my focus needs to be if I am to restore my peace, my happiness, my joy. I am responsible for my thoughts and my feelings and my behaviors; this is where my practice of enlightened living unfolds and evolves. Not out there. Right here.

And so it is.



4 thoughts on “What Is The Real Issue?

  1. I hope this blog is not what it sounds like it is. Oh, my, I really hope not. Through many painful, sad,and frustrating years, I finally learned once and for all I can not change someone. It hearts my heart, but it’s true, and maybe that’s a good thing. Who knows if my way would be the right way for another.

    My thoughts are difficult for me because of my life-long problem with circular thinking, but OMG, I am working really hard with that challenge. Usually I can calm down and stop a panic attack, but not always. At least I know I have the tools, and I use them. That brings me to the MOST difficult thing of all: controlling my feelings. I am at a loss to stop unbidden feelings from crushing my mind and heart. Sometimes I feel like I will drop dead from walking around on my path while bleeding my life blood out as I go. It is the hardest part of the path I am on. All I can think is I didn’t ask these feelings to “attack” at the time, and after feeling them, I beg them to go on by now. I begin thanking the Source of the Universe for the amazing things which have been given me to survive this experience on Earth. He is always happy when I talk to Him in my soul. Like all of us, He likes to hear gratitude!

    Catherine, I’m sorry you have a situation going on which is causing such sadness. Forgetting the other side of the situation, why do you think this has come into YOUR life?


  2. Namaste,Lee, and thank you for your openness and honesty in sharing. I think my best response to all that you shared is to answer your question at the end of your comment. First, let me say that I appreciate and acknowledge your compassion toward me. I am not afraid to feel sad because one of the reasons I became human was to experience emotions. I have learned not to judge emotions as good or bad. I prefer to see them as varying levels of intensity which are either comfortable or uncomfortable. Emotions are energy and energy shifts so that nothing remains forever unless I hold onto it. When it returns, I know more healing is needed whether that takes the form of a deeper level of acceptance or an understanding that my being happy when someone I love isn’t does not mean that I love that person any less. So, I think this came into my life because I am currently a human being. Human life is what it is and sometimes it is way fun, sometimes it just flows along, and sometimes it is way challenging.
    I love you, Lee.


  3. Dear Catherine, Your blog is a great gift since I can’t take any personal time with you now. So much of what you share is an echo of my heart. Thank you again for being a friend & a woman I admire in many ways.


  4. Oh Adina! Every time I see your name, I smile and am filled with loving memories of so many moments shared. Thank you as well. You have always been a blessing in my life.
    Sweet thoughts come your way.
    hugs, catherine


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