I attend a monthly meditation group that is committed to conscious living. Each month we are asked to choose a quality that we would like to develop and expand in ourselves. This month I have chosen equanimity. I knew when I chose it that it was both necessary and challenging. I have experienced true equanimity in my life many times. I do not yet reside there and, recently, have found it quite elusive. So, I am  open to expansion of equanimity in my practice, my life.

Do you know what equanimity means? Please look it up for yourself. It is a very interesting concept and I prefer not to define it for you. Feel free to contact me if you want me to expand further on this idea. For now, explore it for yourself. Find what it means to you and what it could mean in your day to day life.

Equanimity is a gift that comes as we gently practice what we are learning. Yoga and meditation are the most powerful tools I have found to support equanimity. The word came to my mind during a meditation and then I began to notice how often Deepak Chopra used it in his writings and tapes. I looked it up. Then I found myself meditating on its meaning and implications for the way I move through life. I spent a full month soaking up this idea, this possible state of being.

I am interested to see what I will learn and how my life will be impacted this time around.

Happy journey into equanimity, dear hearts. Aum shanti.


2 thoughts on “Equanimity

  1. I love you, Kathleen! No need to start sneezing as you hunt up a dictionary – though it can lead to playing with words, which is fun. Just put the word into your google search window and ta da! definitions pop up. Sometimes I do enjoy technology as well.
    hugs, catherine


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