The Soul’s Desire

I have been left-braining the past few days and that is not where I prefer to live! Everyday life has certain demands that require my participation. I embrace these experiences rather than resist them as I did in the past. However, it does require a great deal of slow, deep breathing on my part to remain present with numbers, concepts, and details that make me wonder why we ever thought doing life this way was a good or fun idea! I would much rather explore the Universe, whether that is the one within or the one without – and, by the way, those are one and the same.

So, this morning I awake too early and my mind wants to take off again into problem solving and I notice my heart beating and I am back to slow, deep breathing and feeling grateful that I slept at all. The left side of my head feels rather heavy and the right side feels sort of empty. I sigh to myself and know that I won’t be returning to sleep. I reach for my mala, resettle myself on the pillows and consciously connect to my breathing. What is my intention for today? What is my Soul’s desire?

That last question is key. Along the path of my spiritual journey, I have used different terms to describe the Essence of My Being. Some came to me through my religious upbringing and others came to me through the teachings of guides and mentors outside my formal religious training. The process of embracing different terms at different times had to do with letting go of what I was told to believe and unfolding into my personal truth. I find “Soul” to be all-inclusive, at least for now.

Before I can form a clear intention for my day, it is helpful to connect with my Soul. To be in the silence and feel my own essence, my presence in this body, in this mind. What is my Soul’s desire? This awareness of the spiritual being that I am allows me to remember that my highest good is that which supports my ability to abide in my Soul. My Soul’s desire is that I know who I am and that I manifest that truth, my Soul, through my humanity. So, how do I do that today? What would that look like to me?

It takes much longer to put this into words than it does to experience it. This morning as this realization came to me I had a visual image of my day unfolding. I saw myself doing laundry and a few simple household chores. I learned at a relatively young age that, straightening up and dusting and vacuuming, calmed my mind and emotions. I later learned that these tasks also help to cleanse and balance the energy of my home and create a more peaceful place for me to be. This morning the visual image made me smile. My intention became to clear. I will rest my left brain and cleanse my environment as I return to the balance and peace of my Soul.

I am focused on my Soul’s desires. My Soul’s desire is always my highest good and, today, I am aware that music, literature and nature will stimulate my right brain and bring me into balance. The simple tasks done early in the day will settle the mind to allow me to immerse myself in the right brain things that I love.

I sighed to myself again and settled into the pillows as I began silently to touch my beads and repeat the mantra. I slid into the first layer of quietness and felt my body grow more and more still. I gently called my mind to the mantra each time it began to stray and soon I was in a deeper layer of quietness and then in deep stillness. I call this my sweet place where everything is exactly as it is meant to be. There is no time, no distance; there is only abiding. This is the Oneness of my Soul. This abiding in Oneness is my Soul’s desire.

Abiding in Oneness is my Soul’s desire. Namaste


2 thoughts on “The Soul’s Desire

  1. Oh my! I feel so connected to the words you wrote today. I am so overwhelmed with the human things which need doing at this time, that I began feeling all of me shutting down. There is so much, so many obligations, so many little things going wrong and needing tending to, I can not seem to move at all…

    … Just wanted to let you know I loved your blog! I love you!


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